Lily Poetry Review is a print journal set to publish in the winter and summer of each year. Due to the high cost of mailing print copies internationally, contributors from outside the U.S. will receive a pdf of the magazine.


Our porch light is always on. If we exceed 400 free submissions in a month, the submissions will open at the start of the next month.

The Lily Poetry Review is interested in promoting contemporary poets, poetry, art, flash fiction, and literary citizenship.

We promise that each writer will be proud of all of the work published here.

Please don’t send previously published material.

Send no more than five poems per submission. All must be contained in one document.

Send no more than three flash pieces per submission. All must be contained in one document.

You may submit up to ten pieces of visual poetry per submission.

Authors are free to send simultaneous submissions as long as they withdraw work here once it is accepted elsewhere.


Individual  poetry manuscript consultations:

Manuscript consultations are available for a fee of $300. Please keep your documents to a maximum of 80 pages. No need for TOC or Acknowledgements. 

Our editors will read and provide:

1.)  A summary of written feedback going into details about how the book works: feedback on all poems in the ms. as well as on book structure and order, titles. narrative arc, (if appropriate), sections, and how it is all coming through to the reader. We will focus on strengths and where the book can be strengthened, as well as where ideas can be expanded upon. The second document is a poem-by-poem close read, with recommended edits and comments on the actual manuscript.

2.) A scheduled one hour zoom or phone meeting, where you can discuss your manuscript with a Lily editor (either Eileen Cleary or Christine Jones.) We talk about individual poems and how they are working as book. We close by discussing steps to move forward with publishing.

Please submit up a minimum of three and a maximum of ten visual poems for consideration in jpg, gif, png, tiff, or pdf format. Please note we are not able to consider audio or video poems at this time but hope to in the future.

We look forward to seeing your work!  We will try to respond within three months; feel free to query if you have not heard from us within that time.

Thank you for submitting to Lily!

Ends on

Thank you for purchasing five books for $50 dollars at AWP. Lily invites you to submit five poems for consideration, with feedback to you wihin a week. 


Paul Nemser’s most recent collection is Break on Through: New & Selected Poems Volume One. Lily also republished  A Thousand Curves  by Lily Poetry (originally  from Red Mountain Press in spring 2021,)His book Taurus, which won the New American Poetry Prize, was published by New American Press in 2013. His chapbook of prose poems, Tales of the Tetragrammaton, was published by Mayapple Press in 2014. In the 1970’s he co-translated two books of Ukrainian poetry. Nemser’s poems have appeared widely in magazines such as AGNI, Blackbird , Linebreak, Poetry, and TriQuarterly . This prize is named for Paul Nemser a master of the lyric narrative. He is published widely and we encourage you to read some of his work at your convenience. 

Awarding publication of a book-length collection, a Lily Poetry Review Books virtual or in-person launch depending on what best fits for the press and the writer, and a standard royalty contract.

Submission Dates: January 1-March 31, 2023

Eligibility: Open to any poet writing in English regardless of publication history. 

The contest will be read blind and judged by the editors of Lily Poetry Review Books, Eileen Cleary and Christine Jones.

Submissions are accepted online only.

Please read the following instructions carefully.

GENERAL GUIDELINES (for all submitters)

• Submit a previously unpublished, full-length poetry manuscript, in English.
• Material in your manuscript may have been published previously in a chapbook, magazines, journals or anthologies, but the work as a whole must be unpublished.
• Please use a legible 12 point font.
• Do not include art work.
• Translations and previously self-published books are not eligible.
•You may include a list of acknowledgments if you wish.
• There are no length requirements save that a book-length collection of poetry usually runs between 48 and 80 pages of text.
• You may submit multiple manuscripts, but each must be treated as an individual submission, submitted separately, and each requires an entry fee of $25.00 per submission. Each must have complete contact info, etc.
• If you pay the entry fee but fail to submit your manuscript by the deadline, your fee will not be returned.
• Please let us know immediately if your manuscript is accepted elsewhere.
Your work will be disqualified if your name or contact info appears on the manuscript. Follow our guidelines for placement of contact info.


The winner will be notified by email or phone no later than May 15, 2023. Submitters will be notified by email only. The result will also be posted on our website on June 1, 2023, or before. We do not offer editorial feedback to submitters.

Our Reading Policy

Each manuscript is delivered to our readers as a blind submission. That is, it is stripped of identifying material. Only the manuscript, inclusive of any text notes, is sent to the readers and editors blindly. We do not give a list of submitters or titles to the judge.

Our preliminary readers are published poets, experienced editors, and/or poets who have received a graduate degree in creative writing or literature. 

We will look for work that is beautifully crafted, manuscripts that feel whole and well-shaped without regard to our personal aesthetic.


 If a submitter contacts the judge regarding the contest, that person will be disqualified. 


Submit three poems  (not to exceed 6 pages of poetry) altogether. The editors will read and critique these poem within two weeks, and provide edits and helpful suggestions.

Submit additional poems in a separate submission.

This is an open call in solidarity with Black Lives Matter. To that end we at Lily want you to know that our doors are wide open . We seek to promote and provide space for Black poets and look forward to reading your work. This form is always open and will remain open. 

This is NOT a contest. Please submit a full-length manuscript for consideration to be published through Lily Poetry Review Books.

All submissions must go through  Submittable.

Manuscript length recommendation:  40-60 poems.

Include Table of Contents. At the beginning of your manuscript, please include a list of poems that appear elsewhere (in journals, magazines, chapbooks, or anthologies).

We recommend that 25-50% of the poems have been previously published.
Simultaneous submission is acceptable but please immediately withdraw your manuscript if it's accepted elsewhere.
Each manuscript must be submitted separately. We accept book-length poetry manuscripts only.

Please include a one-paragraph biographical note and contact information in your cover letter.

Corrections and new versions will not be accepted.


Lily Poetry Review seeks cover art and other visual art to be published within the pages of the magazine.
LPR pays contributor copies for art.
Submit no more than 3 pieces per submission in one attachment.
Please wait until we have responded to your submission before sending another.

Thank you for your interest in Lily Poetry Review! We can't wait to read your work.

Please wait three months between submissions. Our porch light is always on,

 Lily Poetry Review is a print journal set to publish in the winter and summer of each year.

 Please don’t send previously published material.

 Send no more than five pieces per submission., all contained in one document.

Each new poem should start on a new page. 

Send in an easy-to-read font.

Authors are free to send simultaneous submissions as long as they withdraw work here once it is accepted elsewhere.

We can't wait to read your work!


Lily Poetry Review